How to identify the excellent electronic lockers

- Jun 05, 2019-

1. The materials of electronic lockers are generally divided into cold-rolled steel plates, galvanized plates, electrolytic plates, etc. The material thickness is the most critical indicator for materials. Generally, the thickness of the sheet is between 0.6 mm and 1.2 mm. Conditionally, it can be measured with a vernier caliper. Unconditional hard objects can be tapped hard, and the thick plate and the thin plate have obvious sound differences. In addition, the surface process is the decisive factor in determining the appearance life of the electronic locker. At present, the surface treatment mainly includes two types of powder spraying (spraying) and painting. The method of identification is very simple, and the nail is used to forcefully pass without leaving any traces. It is the surface powder (spraying), leaving a flaw on the surface.

2. Safe use of electricity. Safety is the most important thing. Since the electronic lockers use 220V external power, once a leakage accident occurs, the consequences will be very serious. The authoritative certifications for product safety mainly include: CCIB certification, Great Wall certification, 3C mandatory certification and CE safety certification (European standard). According to the requirements of the AQSIQ, products that pass CCIB certification and Great Wall certification must also pass 3C certification. Since the electronic lockers are in the emerging industry, the products are not in the scope of the national 3C compulsory certification catalogue. The electronic lockers produced by all manufacturers are not subject to 3C compulsory certification. Therefore, if the CE safety certification or related certification can be provided, it can be regarded as safe. product.

3. Electromagnetic compatibility. A large number of chips and integrated circuits are integrated on the main control board of the electronic locker. The electromagnetic interference of the effective impedance walkie-talkie and the mobile phone is a powerful guarantee for the normal operation of the locker. Regarding electromagnetic compatibility, there are EMC certification (part of 3C certification) and CE electromagnetic compatibility certification (part of CE certification). The quality of electronic lockers certified by electromagnetic compatibility is more secure.

4. Structural design. Due to the difference of the locks and the difference in the design and manufacturing process, the electronic lockers are structurally divided into two types: a sandwich and a sandwich. The storage cabinet without mezzanine saves floor space.

5. The copyright of the software. The electronic lock-in cabinet is a combination of electronic component hardware, computer software and mechanical equipment. Software is like a human brain. Hardware is like a human circulatory system such as the blood system and the respiratory system. The mechanics are like the limbs of human beings. Under the circumstances that intellectual property rights are increasingly valued and protected by the state, the independent ownership of software copyrights by production enterprises not only facilitates software upgrades, but also improves the performance of lockers. At the same time, it also provides products for consumers to use products safely and away from legal disputes.

6, humanized design. It mainly includes voice prompts when storing and picking objects; user-friendly and easy-to-understand operation interface and management interface; convenient and safe administrator mode.

7, a complete after-sales service system. Well-known locker manufacturers have established a comprehensive after-sales service system throughout the country. As a medium and large-scale electromechanical equipment, the electronic locker needs maintenance and maintenance. The perfect after-sales service network can provide technical support when you encounter any problems.