How to prevent overloading of lockers?

- Jun 10, 2019-

Nowadays, many users are not very standardized when using lockers. They always stuff as much as possible in a limited box space, so that the lockers are overloaded and cause damage. There is therefore a need for a device that can perform overload detection to monitor the locker.

The locker body is fitted with a plurality of flash lamps and buzzer alarms connected to the alarm body. The alarm device includes a weight display module connected to the load cell; the weight display module is fitted to the lower end surface of the locker body.

The ceiling type storage cabinet with the overweight alarm function includes a cabinet and a power source therein, the cabinet body is provided with a chamber; the chamber has an overweight alarm device built therein; The overweight alarm device includes a load cell with a power supply connected in sequence, a comparison module, a central processing unit, and an alarm device; the solution realizes the function of monitoring and alarming whether the weight of the stacking weight is within the rated range during the lifting process of the locker. The preferred sound and light alarm and weight display module can realize the visual display of the installed weight and the dual alarm function of sound and light.