Mobilephone charging locker maintenance should start from three aspects

- May 30, 2019-

First, pay attention to the necessity of anti-corrosion maintenance

Wipe the surface of the product with cotton or flannel. Due to the surface treatment of the mobile phone charging cabinet, it is generally a smooth surface such as baking varnish, stainless steel sanding, mirror surface and the like. If the maintenance is not properly cleaned, it will form an unrecoverable damage to its surface. At this time, if it is brightened again, the surface that makes it bright will be more difficult. Unless reworked. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the surface, be sure to use a cotton cloth with a good water absorption, flannel to wipe, do not use coarse cloth.

Second, the need to clean the cabinet on time

Because the mobile phone charging cabinet has been used for a long time, there will be a lot of dust on the top, which not only affects the appearance but also stains the stored items, so it should be cleaned on time, in order not to affect the gloss of the cabinet, in the clean Whenever possible, use a soft cloth as much as possible, because the soft cloth will not scratch the surface of the cabinet, avoid some sharp objects from coming into contact with the cabinet, then soak the soft cloth in the water. After it is completely wet, wipe the cabinet clean. Then, use a dry cloth to dry the cabinet. Do not leave any water, otherwise the cabinet will rot.

Third, the timeliness of internal equipment testing

Regularly check the internal USB socket of the mobile charging cabinet to ensure that the consumer is not damaged when using it. The barcode type should pay more attention to the print head to ensure the normal use of the printing components.