Electronic Locker Use Instructions

- Jun 05, 2019-

1. Before use, carefully read the usage and instructions of the post to avoid misuse. Due to the large passenger flow in the supermarket, the electronic locker is generally a bar code electronic locker; when the customer uses it, just press the panel. "Save" button, the general locker manufacturer, has an enlarged "save" button to facilitate user operation, after the button, the cabinet will print a bar code paper, after the customer takes the bar code, the corresponding door will automatically Open, the customer puts in the item and closes the door.

2. Note that when depositing, be sure to print the barcode yourself, do not put the item in the small box that has been opened. After saving the package, confirm that the door is closed.

3. It is best not to put valuables in the automatic locker, and choose to store them in a special place.

4. When the customer picks up the object, the barcode on the barcode paper is scanned near the scanning port with red light. After the password is recognized by the cabinet, the corresponding small door is directly opened, and the customer takes the item. To take it all at once, don't drop anything, if you want to continue using it, re-save it. If the bar code paper of the open cabinet is lost, it should be reported to the supermarket service desk immediately, and the staff members should be strictly guarded by the corresponding lockers to prevent others from taking the lead;

5. The electronic locker will have a background management function. If the customer cannot take out the item due to wrong operation, the staff can take out the item and return it to the customer through administrative authority. Try to choose a supermarket with a camera and better anti-theft measures to avoid missing items.