How To Choose File Cabinets Of Different Materials

- Jun 05, 2019-

The file cabinet is widely used. The file cabinet is widely used in offices, enterprises, schools, etc. The file cabinet has many materials, such as steel file cabinets, rubber file cabinets, wooden file cabinets, etc. Different material file cabinets have different characteristics. Customers choose the best file cabinets as needed.

The file cabinets on the market are mainly divided into three categories, namely steel file cabinets, rubber sheet file cabinets and solid wood file cabinets.

1. Steel file cabinet

The steel file cabinet has the characteristics of high strength, environmental protection, durability, low price, fashionable and beautiful, and has won wide acclaim from customers. The steel file cabinet can be customized, customized according to customer size, to meet the individual needs of customers, and the sales of steel file cabinets exceed the glue. Board file cabinets and wooden file cabinets.

2, plastic file cabinet

The plastic file cabinet is the plate material we usually say. This is also a kind of wooden file cabinet. It is made of particle board or MDF for the surface veneer of the cabinet. The design of the rubber file cabinet is fashionable and beautiful, the color is various, the price is relatively cheap, and the customer satisfaction is very high.

3, solid wood file cabinet

The file cabinet of solid wood material is divided into pure solid wood and veneer. With the improvement of environmental protection requirements, the price of solid wood furniture is getting higher and higher, the price of solid wood file cabinet is also higher, and the solid wood file cabinet is mainly suitable for high-end enterprises and institutions. Smaller, pure solid wood file cabinet design high-end atmosphere grade, suitable for the president's office preferred.