What Are The Requirements For The Structure Of The Student Bed?

- May 30, 2019-

The student apartment bed column adopts 40*40*1. 2 square tube, the beam adopts 25*50*1. 2 square tube, and the crosspiece adopts 25*25*1. 0 square tube. The steel used is electrostatically sprayed after being coated, derusted, phosphatized, etc. All steel pipes in contact with the ground are covered with non-slip plastic rubber sleeves. The bed board is made of 1.5 cm high quality fir boards and polished. The ladder is made of round pipe and welded with full weld to increase the firmness. The cabinet is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel, which is beautiful and firm. It is equipped with a shoe rack and a washbasin stand. The entire product structure is reasonable and does not deform.


Student Apartment Combination Bed Structure: The apartment combination bed consists of a bed, bookcase, wardrobe, desk and ladder. The bookcase and the closet are connected to the inside of the bed of the bed frame, the desk is connected with the bookcase and the wardrobe, the ladder frame has a ladder frame at one end of the bookcase, the other side of the bed frame has a guardrail on the same side as the ladder frame, and the keyboard has a keyboard under the desk. Bracket and drawer stand.